Book Review: The Favorites by Mary Yukari Waters

The Favorites by Mary Yukari Waters I don’t remember how I found The Favorites by Mary Yukari Waters, but I’m so very glad I did. It was such a delightful read that it’s one of my favorites now.

Yes, the story meanders a bit, and it might feel like not much happens overall. But the journey there is what really makes this book, and it’s such a very Japanese book at that.

The details of the scenery and surroundings are simple, but they slow you down and make you want to savor the images created in your mind. I wanted to pause after a section or chapter, just to let it sit in my mind before moving to something new.

It is definitely a book about culture, but also about relationships, mainly about how things aren’t always so black and white. The characters felt very real to me, and I wanted to step into their shoes a bit more, even if just to see the places they inhabited.


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